Monday, July 13, 2015

Homeless what is it good for - Absolutely nothing

                                                       The law of the land

peace love and understanding, tell me is there no place for them today. ?


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    1. It stands to reason that if there were in fact a quick-fix solution to homelessness, or if there were a "place" for them, then they would be there. I suggest you remove your elitist glasses and put on your intellectual ones. Then you would understand that the root causes of homelessness are infinitely more complex and varied, than can be solved in an instant. Having said that, it may surprise you to know that thousands of downtowns homeless are no longer homeless, thanks to the tireless work of organizations like Skid Row Housing Trust , SRO Housing Corp., A Community of Friends, the Downtown Women Center, PATH, and of course the United Way of Greater Los Angeles. So why are there more homeless than ever on our streets? Because nothing has changed - in decades. The economy still sucks - favoring almost exclusively those with degrees, racism and bias still color every horizon, and those fortunate enough to be born into better circumstances fail to appreciate the challenges facing those born into less fortunate circumstances. With that, may I also suggest that when you feel compelled to exploit homeless individuals, stop yourself, take a moment and have a conversation with them instead. You might find that your voice could do far more to help - if you had a clearer understanding of the issue. Cheers!!

  2. really, you removed the comment because - why??=-

  3. The photos are to bring awareness to this issue. Nobody should be homeless in America. Get it?